11 Proven Ways to Boost Your Fitness Studio's Revenue
This free guide teaches you how to:
  •  Increase Revenue: With examples that get an additional $5,000+ per month
  • Build Add-Ons: Up-sell your members with nutrition plans, measurements, etc.  
  • Perfect Your Pricing: With a strategy called the decoy effect
  •  Retain Members: It costs 5-25X more to acquire new customers than to keep existing ones
Boost Your Revenue
Increase Retention Rates
Up-Sell More Things
Master the decoy effect
What's In This Guide?
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  • What the top studios around the world have added as part of their service to generate $5,000 more/month
  • How to build a referral program that'll be one of your top lead generation tools. People are 4X more likely to buy when referred by a friend 
  • The best products your fitness studio can provide to up-sell current members 
  • An exact pricing example using the decoy effect 
  • How to add an additional $3,000 solely from food and drinks (yes, this is separate from the first bullet point of the $5,000) 
  •  Proven strategies for hosting clinics that will have people racing to buy your service at the end of your event
  •  Exact ways to retain more members so that they become loyal followers who constantly invest in your new up-sells 
  •  & tons more!
About the author of "11 Proven Ways to Boost Your Fitness Studio's Revenue"
Who is Mike Arce?
  •  CEO & Founder of Loud Rumor, a fitness advertising agency
  •  Host of The GSD Show, a top fitness business podcast & video series
  •  Coach & Consultant, for fitness businesses and marketing/advertising agencies
  •  Speaker, on the topics of the fitness business, marketing, advertising, and sales
  •  Husband & Father, Marjon (wife) and 4 kids + 1 Dog

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