GSD VidMachine
Your online course to 3X your agency's sales & profit with video selling
The 3 Secrets You'll Learn in This Course:
Secret #1
How to easily find 100 ideal clients you'd love to work with that can afford your fee
Secret #2
How to quickly create a custom video and landing page in less than 10 minutes
Secret #3
How to ethically get in front of those 100 ideal people with this proven script in less than 1 day
What's in the course? 
1. Your 100 Ideal Customers
  • ​Learn how to identify the criteria for your ideal list
  • ​Blueprint spreadsheet template for tracking/building your list
  • Tools/strategies to find the exact contact info for your ideal clients
2. Video Recording
  • Access to the exact video script template Mike used
  • Process on how to record each video in less than 25 seconds
  • Step-by-step on filming each video with the right tools 
3. Video Editing
  • Easiest/fastest way to upload your videos
  • Tools to host/edit your videos
  • Creating thumbnails for each video
4. Landing Page Creation
  • Using the best landing page software to recreate our template
  • Customizing each URL to include your ideal client's name
  • Using proven colors/CTAs & opt-in forms for top conversions
5. Retargeting
  • Creating your retargeting pixel & installing it on your landing pages
  • Tools to ensure your retargeting pixels are working
  • Creating retargeting ads to serve your top 100 ideal clients
6. Outreach
  • Our exact email templates for emailing your contacts
  • Our exact Facebook message templates for follow up
  • Our exact letter template/#1 secret for mailing these out
7. Follow Up/Sales
  • Copy of our "follow up" spreadsheet for sales tracking
  • Script for calling and leaving a voice message
  • Templates for email followup including our "elephant" email
8. Videos, Tools, & Resources
  • Every module has a video by Mike that walks you through it
  • ​Learn the top tools we used for landing pages, automation, email, editing, etc. 
  • Our favorite resources to help you along the way
    ... And Lots of Templates!
    How We Mastered GSD VidMachine
    With LOTS of practice & secret processes ...
    ↑All of those PLUS 500+ more!
    Ready to 3X your agency's sales & profit with video selling?
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